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How to design the public recognized bags.

Issuing time:2019-03-22 10:05

First of all, it is totally wrong to focus on the feelins only and ignore the markets.

When you are planning to design a shopping bag, it is necessary to let your production elements mixed in it. If the intergrating degree is too low, more advertisement is in vain. This is also applicative in paper shopping bags. For example, I am a machine producer, during the World Cup, I devote so much energy to it. So many football fans know my brand name during that period. But after that, little of them come to seek cooperation with me.

Second, designing is not market-oriented only.

I think every corporation should pay some attention to the straits of Huawei and ZTE. Lenove used to let market replace production's first place. But after a flashy time, you even cannot find one cell phone with Lenovo brand now. What I want to say is production still comes first. All advertisement acctivities, designs and packagings should all serve the production itself.

Be flexiable to the place and time.

We need to show the public who we are in every bag showed up in every acctivity. After that, we also need to walk our own ways rather than follow others' steps. From the theme to the detailed design all requires plentiful energy.  

In fact, a successful design should care about every part from the audiences, production to the rhythm. Or else, we may predict the failure even when the design is about to birth.

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